Custom Installation

As an experienced, professional pool installer, we understand our customers like options. At Debnar’s, we offer four distinct types of pool packages to go with our different types of pools. They are self-installation, assisted installation, basic installation, and turn-key installation. Let’s take a look at each to learn more.


A self-installation package would include the pool kit and delivery of the pool to the home, then the client becomes the pool installer. The obvious advantage of installing your own pool is the cost savings. On average most people will save between $4,000 and $8,000 depending on the scope of the project and who does the majority of the work.The price of the pool kit is determined by 3 things: the materials, (fiberglass or vinyl liner style), the size of the pool and the cost to deliver the pool to your home. If you are considering a self installation, be sure to ask if the price you are quoted includes delivery. If it does not, be sure to get a delivery quote in writing.There are resources available to teach homeowners how to install their own pool, but the vast majority of pool owners prefer to leave the installation of the pool to authorized dealers. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires a number of inspections to be completed during the installation process. You must comply with all local and state building codes and permits.

Assisted Installation

An assisted installation differs from a self installation in that it includes the pump and filter system, plumbing, and labor to set and install the liner, do all the plumbing. These are the most critical (and unfamiliar) phases of the installation. All other labor, materials, inspection requirements and equipment is provided by the customer.This is a great option for those who have means to excavate their own hole and handle the patio work, but would rather not deal with the head ache of setting the pool liner, installing the pump and filter, and doing all the plumbing.Assisted Installations typically cost around $4k-$8k more than a self installation.

Standard Pool Packages

A standard pool package will typically include the following: The pool kit, delivery of the pool kit to the site, the pump and filter system, installation, gravel for installation, rough backfill, maintenance and cleaning equipment, balancing the pool chemicals and education about you new pool.Many home owners choose to handle the balance of the project themselves including the completion of the patio, electrical work, and the pool fence to save money. This is our most popular choice. On average most folks can save several thousand dollars doing this.

Turn-Key Pool Packages

The overwhelming advantage of a turn-key installation is convenience. There is no need for the customer to oversee or manage any aspect of the project. Many clients find it worth the investment to let someone else handle hiring contractors, getting bids, and scheduling and overseeing their work; not to mention the added piece of mind knowing that there is only one company responsible for the project.

Pricing Explanation

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 for your swimming pool before adding features and extras. Here are a few things that will raise or lower the price of your swimming pool:


The size of your swimming pool is the biggest factor in determining the price.


The deeper the pool, the more labor and materials will be required.


If you are looking for a custom shape, you can expect to pay more for your swimming pool.


The materials that you use will definitely affect the cost of the swimming pool. If you choose a fiberglass swimming pool, this material is considered a premium material and will cost more than a vinyl swimming pool. A fiberglass pool give a custom designed look and feel with greater curb appeal.


Once your pool is constructed, the extras that you add to your pool really customize it. Sometimes the “extras” can cost more than the pool itself. You can add features such as a hot tub, waterfalls and other water features, safety items such as automatic covers, recreational add-ons such as a water slide or diving boards, accents such as pool lighting, fire features, outdoor kitchens and more! You also don’t want to forget energy efficiency options such as solar covers, energy efficient pumps and saltwater chlorinators.